Sunday, January 22, 2012

hearing without listening

I've got a fixed, forward stare and
I don't miss anything behind me,
Including myself.

I'm slowly losing faith in the consistency of
what my senses can experience.
God's voice has become clearer in this loss.
Still, it is only a whisper.

The storm's white noise
Distorts His voice.

I transition into a sleepwalking state.

But my subconscious is aware
of the Intercessor's prayers.

He speaks
When I've lost the words,
So I can understand
What I haven't heard.


Amanda said...

Your poem kinda freaked me out. Is everything ok over there?

Sophie said...

Hey Amanda,
Thanks for your concern. It's been pretty rough, actually. The poem isn't as depressing as it sounds, though :). I'll post an explanation.

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