Wednesday, July 25, 2012

36 Weeks (Almost)

Things are heating up around here, not just because we're hitting the triple digits.  I'm down to the single digits as far as counting down the weeks to Juliette's birth goes!  I'm so ready to meet her, and so ready to have my energy back :).

This pregnancy has been significantly harder than my first.  Funny thing is, getting pregnant was the easy part this time.  I know that pretty much raising this toddler on my own during the week is a big part of it; Jose's back to working his 12-13 hour days.  And it's fun chasing her around when it's time to change her diaper, and I'm struggling to just stand up before I can even consider how I'm going to catch her (it's a funny site)... But in spite of the exhaustion, 3 A.M. leg cramps and hot flashes combined with backaches, etc., I'm super thankful that Juliette is healthy.  I can breathe now that we're almost at 36 weeks (this Saturday), okay maybe not literally (I get so out of breath so easily!), but Juliette can breathe on her own!  

I'm excited to see how Mirabel accepts Juliette.  Mirabel adores babies and hugs each one she sees.  She loves them, really...until I touch them :).  Then the tears begin; real tears, like my love was transferred to someone else.  But yesterday she told me she wanted a brother!  Hopefully she's anticipating the arrival of a sibling, even if it's a sister.  She knows there is a baby in my belly, but she also pokes at other folk's bellies, including her dad's, and says "baby" ;), so I'm not sure just how much she understands.

Things are so much different this time around (on to the positive).  We have a home instead of a 900 sq. ft. apartment in the arctic ;), Jose is out of school, we are more financially stable, have a great network of friends, are established in a great church, etc.  So many people are excited to meet Juliette.  My two sweet friends are throwing me a "Baby's Blessing" celebration the first Saturday in August.  I hadn't heard of this type of thing until one of them mentioned it to me as an alternative to a shower. She initially offerred to throw me a shower but I felt uncomfortable accepting gifts since I went overboard buying Mirabel clothing/toys/etc, and she's my second girl.  Basically, a few friends will come over to hang out, eat, and work on a scrapbook that they'll fill with prayers and blessings for Juliette.  I love this idea; I hope Juliette appreciates the scrapbook when she is older.

These last few weeks I'm just trying to enjoy my only baby, and my little free time :).  I've been trying to take daily naps during Mirabel's naptime, and that really helps.  Today I didn't feel quite as exhausted.  Our dinners are pretty boring these days, as I get tired and hot standing in front of the stove.      Usually my energy is gone by noon, since we try to get out before it gets too hot. I recently discovered that Mirabel really likes visiting plant nurseries.  The mosquitos love us, but she loves the water fountains and cheesy garden decor.  There are some great places here in Austin.  I think I've gotten bit about 10 times this week, just from 2 nursery visits.  

A few weeks ago, my mom told me about Fairy Gardens.  I had no idea what they were, so I researched them online and came across a blog that had tutorials on how to make one, and even how to make the "fairy furniture" out of stuff from your back yard.  Along with plant nurseries (and bees, she tried to touch one the other day!), Mirabel LOVES little things.  We go to the craft store and she picks up the little balls that fall off of the fake flowers and collects them in her little, sweaty hand.  Pennies, buttons, rolly pollies--anything small, she loves.  So a fairy garden for Mirabel sounded like a good idea, and I wanted to make one too ;) but I'm just using her as my excuse.  That's why we went on a few plant nursery field trips, and even a trip to the craft store since their mini furniture is on sale this week.

It doesn't look like much, but there was a lot of sweating involved in making this.  Mostly because it's so hot and I feel like I'm always on fire these days.  But I'm turning my porch into a fairy's haven, so far I have two other fairy gardens going up.  I've also got a collection of dish gardens, miniature roses, and succulents all on my front porch.  I don't know why but I can keep mini roses alive but not herbs!  What's up with that?

Anyhow, here's our first fairy garden.  Mirabel couldn't wait to get her hands on those little pots and pans...

It's hard to tell, but that's a piggy figurine behind the wishing well (it looks like a ghost :).  I would've loved to use some really cute moss, but it's just too hot here for that.  So I used Elfin Thyme, I think that's how it's spelled. It's thyme that grows like ground cover and it tolerates the Texas summer heat :)... because I know you were wondering why I didn't use moss ;).

I know I won't have much time to do this sort of thing once baby #2 comes along, but every time I see a baby I get excited that I'm having one, so I know I got pregnant at the perfect time!  Yes, there's a lot of anxiety about what it'll be like to raise two little girls close in age, but it's not impossible.  I know I'll be tired the first few months but time flies, and who knows how much longer Mirabel will appreciate things like fairy gardens and rolly pollies.  They are little for a short time; on my tough days with back to back tantrums (Mirabel's not mine, promise ;) I have to tell myself that.  Now we're going to have someone else to love and our house is really becoming a home.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Juliette's Colorful Nursery (done on a budget)

So initially we were going to have Juliette in our room, in her own crib.  Then we decided that since Mirabel is still in our room, but in her own bed, I should probably prepare a room for Juliette and then sleep in there with her, so that Mirabel doesn't think she's being replaced by her new little sis (that and I don't want to leave Juliette all alone when she's first born, and I'm too tired to walk across the house multiple times a night ;).  We're worried about some jealousy issues, as she doesn't even like me hugging her dad!  

There's a twin bed in the room but it isn't featured in the pics...that twin bed is for me :D.  Anyway, here's Juliette's Matryoshka/Nesting doll-themed nursery, and my room for the next few months after her birth, or until she sleeps thru the night :).

Sorry for the bad lighting.  It's been really cloudy and rainy over here.  No complaints about the rain, though!  We've been in a drought, so any trickle of water from the sky brings a sigh of relief.

Found these little picket fences at Hobby Lobby for like $1 and hot glued flowers on them, then cut out nesting doll images from left over fabric and glued them onto the picket fences.  The pink lamp was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $10 regular $50!  
Bedding and Bedskirt (Fabric found on sale at JoAnns.  With all the coupons, ended up getting it all at about 60% off. I didn't want to make a bumper b/c I'm paranoid :D)
Valance in the larger window across from crib:
Wanted something lightweight to hang above the crib, so we spray painted these embroidery hoops white then decorated them with nesting doll fabric.
These three little windows looked boring so I literally just hammered some fabric under the window panels and just used steam-a-seam to finish off the edges, because I was too lazy to sew them at this point :P.  I figured that dresser I re-did awhile ago would match the crazy nursery colors.
If you're wondering what's in those black frames by the windows...more nesting dolls of course.  Free clip art images found online and printed/cut out and placed on scrapbooking paper.  Framed on black $3 Walmart frames. (Sorry for the blurry image.  I think my lens is dirty. :)

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