Thursday, January 12, 2012

I get a prize at the end

Three days in a row of posting! I must be spending a lot of time at home... I am. And the better part of yesterday was spent in the restroom. Sadly, I think I might've developed some new intolerances with this pregnancy, so no more dairy for me. Hopefully that will take care of it. Praying it does.

I wonder how I'll look back at these times five years from now. And I also wonder how I would've experienced all of this 5 years ago? This all seemed so impossible five years ago--pregnancy. You'd think I'd stop using that word altogether. It puts limits on the possibility for miracles, and God's mysterious ways. Kind of like this situation.

I've made some friends over the past few months. Things were a little more quiet in that department when we lived in Boston. Mostly, because I worked full time and wanted to spend any free moments with Jose. I have a slight fear of losing friends, especially during times when I'm spending more time at home sick than out and about. I hope they understand. Still, a playdate is scheduled for tomorrow morning at a nearby park. I'll be there, sick or not. Even if I can only stay for a few minutes, at least I tried. I've got to accept that, too. These are the friends I prayed for, after all. I've got to remember that.

So these are the thoughts that come up when I slow down. What do you think about when life forces you to let your daily routine go?


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