Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little (actually, kinda big) project

I got bored with my hair last week and cut it all off. I think a little over 11.5 inches. I've been wanting to do it for awhile, but I developed a strange attachment to long hair after a bad experience in high school (note to self: only Halle Berry and a few gorgeous others can pull off that kind of cut, but not me!). This cut is fresh but not nearly as traumatizing.

I only have to spend about 5 minutes on the hair now! So wonderful! I've got the thick, curly/wavy kind so long hair usually requires about 5 different products and lots of time, if I want to wear it down. These days, I like to devote that time to other things...

Other than in the bathroom (LOL) I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, with my kitchen helper. She really enjoys playing with flour and water (or pouring either one from one measuring cup to another).

Yesterday afternoon, I was thinking about how productivity boosts the spirits. I really miss making things. Food also happens to be my husband's love language. He's been wanting tamales for awhile... And for awhile, I've been too much of a weenie to attempt making them. I decided that I had better act while the inspiration was there :). So I called my grandma, got her recipe/tips, and made tamales for the first time (it was a two day process)! I still need a lot of work in the technique department (wrapping them properly, not overstuffing them, etc). I was also hoping to make some sweet dessert ones (my grandma makes some with nuts and pineapple--so good!), but after two dozen savory tamales I was pretty pooped. Half the masa is still in the fridge, but I hear it freezes well. I'll save the rest for the next practice batch :).


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