Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunny Day

This past weekend started off (Well, Friday starts off the weekend for me ;) at the library. It was cold and sunny Friday afternoon. Sunny enough to get out of the house, but too cold to go on an actual walk. One thing I really love about living in this area is how close we are to the awesome library. It's literally a 5 minute walk away, and the entire third floor is dedicated to kiddos. So we don't need to worry about making noise! Here are a few pictures of one of their noisy guests under 3 feet tall... :) So many expressions. The teddy bear wanted in on the pic too.
Then on Saturday, we took a drive to Providence, Rhode Island. The outdoor farmers markets only run from about June to November around here, and I miss seeing all the beautiful produce, so like devoted little foodies we took a trip to the Winter's Farmers Market in Pawtucket...we also visited a few Italian delis/markets in Federal Hill and I bought some reallly good gluten-free chocolate cookies...but here's the healthy stuff ;).

Then we drove back to Cambridge for lunch, to eat at a delicious local sea food restaurant. We stopped off at home, and then (because the weather was beautiful--50s--all day) we went for a walk to Harvard Square, where we picked up a few sweets, including my new favorite dessert, creme brulee...
We also re-arranged the bedroom. We put our mattress on the floor, and also took Mirabel's crib mattress out of the crib, and placed it next to ours. (THANK YOU for all the suggestions, btw. :) Still trying to figure out a new sleeping system, but we're surviving and...

It's almost Spring, thank GOD!

YES, we've survived our final winter in the North East!


The Librarian said...

Oh, how fun! :-D That sounds like a fantastical weekend.

And Mirabel looks like a future librarian...just like her auntie. ;) You should check out if the library also offers preschool/baby story time. The one they had at San Mateo was always popular.

Sophie said...

Hey Jen! They do have a story time (called baby lapsit). We try to go, but it tends to happen around nap time so we can't always make it :/.

Tracy said...

Oh, my goodness how she has GROWN! What a sweet pumpkin she is too... Such perfect weekends live on in the heart later, don't they? :o) Happy Days, Sophie ((HUGS))

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