Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thank you, ladies, for your suggestions! I really enjoyed browsing the blogs. On the search, I came across a few other awesome blogs that are loaded with craft/diy/furniture restoration ideas. I have been thinking about some of them all morning. I have to admit, literally! I'm a little crazy, but when Mirabel woke me up at 4 AM I started thinking about this AWESOME LAMP! I'm kind of obsessed ;). Isn't it adorable? And I have to agree with her, I think it's a lot cuter and has tons more character than the one from Anthropologie--and I am a fan of that store, too :)!

Also, this dresser is adorable. I've never been a fan of yellow...until recently. I think living too long on the East Coast has made me a fan of everything that reminds me of sunshine. Though I love an airy white room, there's something to be said about walking into a colorful room. It's so cheerful. I have to admit, part of the reason why I'm getting ideas from books/blogs has to do with one little thing...I think if I really let
myself go, I might end up with a house that resembles PeeWee's Playhouse! :P But I love how that yellow dresser still looks cute and classy.

Ooh, and it's almost Easter! Isn't this a cute idea??!!

One more thing. Is there a place, maybe a little box under your bed, where you like to store clippings of your favorite things? Magazine cut-outs, maybe? I really enjoy because I don't have to worry about keeping track of that kind of box, or even lugging it with me across the country (because, after awhile, it'd get pretty heavy).

Check out the site! Basically, you put a button on your toolbar and click it whenever you see an image on a page (basically a blog/website) that you like. Then, the images on the page are highlighted and you just select your favorite image from the page :).

Fun, huh?


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