Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is here! (Almost :)

Remember this post? Almost a year ago to the day. Below is a photo taken about 8 feet from the one featured in last year's March post. I'm a lot smaller now, and Mirabel's a lot bigger. In fact, she turned 10 months on the 14th! AND...she took a step today! She is standing on her own but hasn't quite mastered the art of putting one foot in front of the other; it seems she's testing the waters now!

Notice the sunlight in this photo? A beautiful thing! Yesterday and today were exceptionally sunny and warm days (50s and 60s--practically beach weather for us ;). This photo was taken earlier in the week, but it was still sunny (quite windy). That's our friend's dog in the photo. I love this classic but totally candid pose, such a sweet daddy/daughter moment :).

More fun with daddy (and mommy in the background, taking the pic) at the Boston Children's Museum. Mirabel LOVES other kids. She is always eager to talk to them, and even extends her arms out to them (sometimes in an embrace, it seems!). See her smiling with her new-found friend by her side? They have an area of the museum dedicated exclusively to tots and little ones, great hands-on/crawling area.
Looking forward to more sunny days as spring approaches!

Though it's been nice out, I've still been taking quite a few trips to the library lately, mostly to check out books on interior decorating (my other love!). So far, I've found 2 great books that I think have great photos and tips. Domino's book and this awesome Nest book. Check them out if you love interior decorating. Right now I'm trying to get ideas for when we move into our rental in just a few short months! If you all can recommend any great books on the topic, I'd love to hear about them! I need all the ideas I can get. Oh yes, and decorating on a budget is a must! I'm thinking I'm gonna go for the flea market look...

And maybe I'll try my hand at some furniture make-overs/restoring. Oh yes, and if you all can recommend good blogs/books on that topic, do tell!


Sarah said...

This site has some really fun furniture make overs. I've found some good advice when I'm smack in the middle of one of my projects and have come upon a red flag.

Anonymous said...

yeah for spring!!!

I have a two fav blogs where I get great tips for make-overs and decorating on a budget that you may already know about:

I can't wait to see how you decorate. I hope you will share all the details on here. :)

Sophie said...

Thank you, both! Those are some great blogs. I'm so itching to get crafty!!!! :D

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