Monday, December 13, 2010

My hope for 2011 (Here we go again...)

I did it. I got a referral to see my OB (because we need referrals for that here), and I'm going to talk about my "options" during my up and coming appointment. I realize at this point I don't have many, since Mirabel is still nursing around the clock, and biology is complicated...but I think she'll be weaned by 1. So what's my hope for 2011? A positive pregnancy test.

I knew I wanted my kids to be close in age, but I didn't realize I'd want another one this soon. It is tough sometimes, especially since I still haven't slept through the night in almost 7 months, but I've gotten used to it. She is getting 4 teeth on top and another on the bottom; I feel like I'm losing my little baby :(.

Believe it or not, Jose has also been asking me when we're going to have another one because he also wants another one already!

I have no idea how long it's going to take, and I really don't even know what'll work the second time around. 3 rounds of Clomid didn't do anything the first time around...or maybe it did, but I didn't get a positive test until a month and a half after taking my last pill.

Even though it'll be a bit of a rollercoaster, I know it'll be easier this time around. I already have the one thing I've always wanted. The rest is just icing on the cake, and of course I'll love them equally, but it's still different this time.


Tracy said...

Very exciting, Sophie! Wishing all the best... and that you get that extra icing on your cake. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Amanda said...

Good luck! I myself am not prepared to even think of such things yet. I wonder a lot about how much it will take to get pregnant again. I hope it's not too hard for you, but the uncertainty is troubling.

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