Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Santa pic

Mirabel loves people...BUT she sometimes freaks out when someone else holds her. This is why I expected the "posing with Santa" pics to turn out a bit sour. We were wrong! The girl was pretty fussy the entire time we were in line earlier this afternoon, but as soon as it was her turn to shine, she did just that. I'm not sure if she just loves being on camera, if she thought our attempts at making her laugh were pathetic (so she smiled out of pity for us), or if she really liked jolly ol' Santa, but we got a smile! A big toothy grin.

Sidenote: Now, this picture might look a little funny (thanks to me). At first I completely forgot to add something for Santa to sit on. I realized he was squatting in the air, which looked pretty strange, so I added a chair. Jose thinks the chair looks weird, but I think the Santa squatting in mid-air looks more odd. :P


Amanda said...


I'm not sure if we will do the Santa pic. I'm not sure if I want M to believe in Santa or not... which probably makes me sound like a scrooge, but I have a hard time telling him something that isn't true.

Tracy said...

First visit to Santa... oh, so sweet! And she's smiling too... no tears, so good! Your new banner is wonderful, Sophie--it just oozes family love. :o) Thanks so much for visiting. Great to be catching up with you and back in blogland now we're back from our trip. Happy Days making ready for Christmas! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

The Librarian said...

Such a cutie! :)

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