Thursday, December 30, 2010

3rd Anniversary :)

We don't get very much sunshine around these parts, these days. But today was an especially sunny day, in every aspect. We celebrated our 3rd year as Mr. and Mrs. A, with our new addition dressed in a new pink outfit (that we picked up from Costco yesterday after signing up for our first membership :).

But before we embarked on our special day's adventure (aka taking a trip to a very delicious and local gluten free bakery, and dropping by a scrumptious bbq place to pick up our dinner), Jose and I exchanged gifts. I received the beautiful flowers above, along with a dark chocolate Toblerone (one of Jose's first dating gifts to me).

I loooove sunflowers (which is why he included those sunny golden flowers above), but roses are an important part of our special day, so Jose included them in the bouquet. He said the color combo reminded him of love and sunshine, and I agree. Roses are special to quite a few people, but a poem about them was included in a portion of wedding vows.

I like giving homemade gifts, but I wanted to give Jose something relevant to our anniversary. This gift didn't require much making, and I'd been wanting to do it for awhile now...

We wrote a portion of our vows; I finally got a chance to print and frame them. Jose's vows to me are on the left, my vows to him are on the right. The middle picture is pretty familiar, isn't it? ;) I had to laugh when I was putting this together. Take a look, my vows are about twice as long as Jose's. I just read a few days ago that women utter quite a few more words than men on a daily basis. I think that definitely applies to our marriage! :D

Jose thought of a fun anniversary idea. He said that, starting this year, we should record a "state of the union" meeting. He said we should discuss the high and low points of the year, so that we can watch the videos every year on our anniversary to see how we've grown as a couple. I love that idea!


Tracy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mr & Mrs A... and so happy Baby M is in the mix! I love Jose's idea of a "state of the union" moment to look back, reflect. I must tell my Mr about that. ;o) Sounds like you had a really lovely day celebrating. Many thanks for the sweet birthday wishes at my place yesterday, Sophie. We're slowly emerging from being wonderfully wrapped up in the holiday spirit and glow. We'll be home for New Year's Eve as usual. We like to be home with our kitty Charlie, as he hates the sound of fireworks going off around here. We have some bubbly in the fridge chilling for some excitement though. ;o) I'm looking forward to the New Year! Wishing you & yours much PEACE, LOVE & JOY in 2011! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary (a few days late...). So glad you were able to get out into the sunshine and enjoy the day together. I love the gift you gave Jose--very creative.

It's funny how us girls love our words isn't it? :)

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