Tuesday, October 12, 2010

terrible no good very bad day

Ever have one of THOSE days?
It's been more of a week for me...
So this morning I walked outside and saw that the front passenger window of my 6 month old car was completely broken. Someone lovely broke in and stole our GPS. Thankfully our insurance covered the window, but not the scratches left behind on the door or the GPS. This is what happens when you leave your GPS in the front window and can't afford a $1000 garage parking space in Boston.

I got a call back from the Audiology department this week. This is actually good news, but I haven't shared the bad news. The reason why I have to go in the first place is because Mirabel failed her hearing test TWICE in her left ear. The second test they did showed that she cannot pick up certain tones in her left ear. So the doctor says there is a good chance she is partially deaf in that ear. This is very sad, but thankfully she has some hearing and has enough to talk/babble. Our insurance will not pay for the $2000 hearing aid though.

The little girl is having major sleep issues. She is waking up 2-4 times a night and sometimes she'll wake up very, very early and just talk to herself. The good news is she actually isn't screaming her head off, but unfortunately she is always hungry and will eat like she's ravished. I'm thinking it's because my milk isn't enough anymore? But she only eats every 1.5 hours at most. And the thing is, she isn't eating for long periods. She gets very, very distracted...so maybe she's just making up for it at night?

I really really need to count my blessings more these days!!! It's been rough...


Amanda said...

Sorry about the car. When I go to the city we have to put EVERYTHING in the trunk. They'd break into your car for a can of coke or some spare change. Even the maps. I hate the city.

Poor little Mirabel. At least she's still got the one ear. I hope you all figure out what to do about the hearing aid. If you aren't working on the baby sign language, it might be a great time to start. There are some good baby movies called "signing times" that might be worth looking into. They are on Babysteals.com for ~1/2 sometimes.

Michael used do the wake up and talk to himself thing. I don't know if it was really related to anything. He has always been a good sleeper at night, but he definitely has gone through a lot of stages that have made me doubt myself. You could start on cereals if you want but most of it is probably a stage. Do what ever makes you comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sophie I am so sorry this has been a hard week. You write about it all in a positive way even though know you must be exhausted and have a heavy heart. Being a mom can be tough at times can't it! ?

You are doing a great job--just look below at your previous post. Mirabel is such a happy healthy-looking beauty!

Praying for Jesus to heal Mirabel's ear...He can do anything...for free! ;)

Sophie said...

Amanda: Thank you for the suggestion. I've heard of baby signing but not of signing times. I'll check it out. I figured out what was causing her sleep issues. She cut a tooth this past week. She used to be a better sleeper so I think that has something to do with it!
Ali: Thank you!

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