Friday, October 22, 2010

Farm Living is the Life for Me ;)...

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When Mirabel was having some digestive issues awhile ago, I started drinking goat milk, eating goat cheese and baking with goat butter. I didn't notice a difference at all, then I started noticing things got worse when I ate nuts. So I started drinking cow's milk again and things didn't change at all, until I just stopped eating nuts. I've been nut free for over a month and she is better! Who would've thought?!

It was tough being cow's-milk free, but there was one nice thing about it. I discovered that I looove chevre! It is so delicious. It's kind of like cream cheese but more yogurt like in flavor, or more cream cheesy in taste. I also like goat milk, in general. Goat yogurt is pretty tasty too. At first, the thought of drinking goat milk kind of weirded me out, but then I thought about it. That's when it occurred to me, "hey, goats are cuter than cows!". I know, not a very enlightening thought. But goat milk is awesome because it's easier to digest than cow's milk, and it is actually pretty close to human milk.

So that got me thinking. Jose and I have talked about (on an off/on basis) having a farm. Living a bit outside of the city and raising a few animals. Not a large farm. Jose really likes this idea. In fact, I once asked him what his dream job would be and he said that he'd love to be a farmer. We are both pretty ignorant to farm life, but he really enjoyed working on his garden in high school. Me? Well, I just enjoy eating the stuff that comes out of the ground ;). So I'd be happy to cook whatever he grew. And I'd love to have a goat farm and produce goat milk and goat cheese! Wouldn't that be so cool?! I know, it's late, it's been a looong week, and I haven't had much sleep these last few nights, but it's a fun thought! Had some friends over this evening and one of them grew up in a family that owned a goat farm, that's what got me thinking about I'm not totally crazy ;).

And isn't that little goat so cute??


Amanda said...

I know the feeling of sorting through those food allergies. It's frustrating to learn you can't eat something but when it makes life better for the little one, it's worth.

I LOVE goat cheese!!! I have a goat cheese truffle recipe that I LOVE. I just make it as a big block and I think it tastes like faux chocolate cheesecake.

Some goats are cute, some are creepy. We joked about raising a few. But around here, you have to watch out because people will steal your livestock (goats in particular). Yes, goat thieves. It's especially a problem for people that keep them as pets because the people stealing them eat them. Very sad.

Sophie said...


Yes, it was so frustrating just trying to figure out what it was. But I noticed every time I'd eat a lara bar, a few hours later we'd have problems. Thankfully it wasn't something more serious. I was also baking with a lot of almond meal at the time, so that wasn't good either. But it's easier for me to go nut free than dairy free!

You should post the recipe on your blog :)! I'd love to try it! Sounds so good!

...That is crazy about the goat stealing, poor things!! :( I'm not sure if we'd actually be able to have one as a pet in Austin, we might be able to with a special permit. But there are farms literally just a few minutes outside of the city, so maybe we'll just live in our version of a green acres :D.

The Librarian said...

I think that would be amazing to start a small farm. I think that would be better for the body and the environment. Especially now with how fruits and vegetables are being more and more grown in these genetically modified chemicals and whatnot. I wonder if that is why people are developing more and more allergies...but anyway, I think that would be fun! And if you ever find some random sheep fur lying around I would gladly take it from you to spin into yarn! :-D

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to live on a farm. Not with goats per se but with horses. I love em! ;)

I am so glad that M is doing better. You have so much patience Sophie and a great attitude that I admire.

Sophie said...

Jenny: I know what you mean about the produce. Jose used to grow tomatoes and he even said that they taste so much better when you grow them yourself than purchase them at the grocery store :).

Ali: Horses, that would be awesome too! I'd love to learn how to ride 'em but I'm so afraid of falling off, I'm kind of clumsy :P. Thanks for your sweet comment...oh, patience is definitely not my virtue ;). LOL

Sarah said...

I keep telling my husband we need to move far far away and raise animals, and make fancy cheese or something. I grew up in a very rural area and I miss it so much. Especially chickens.

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