Saturday, June 6, 2009

That's it!

Don't you feel sorry for apples sometimes? They seem to be the perfect fruit for snacking on, thanks to the handy skin that makes them easy to transport from place to place without a ziploc. But that poor skin, it touches everything: the kitchen counter at work, the passenger seat, the bottom of our huge tote bag (aka home to random crumbs, gum wrappers, movie ticket stubs and old receipts that have touched so many hands -- and who knows whose hands?!! And if they wash those hands after going to the bathroom?!).

Ok, maybe it's never crossed your mind. But now it has, and I bet you're grossed out! So, altogether now: Jacquueline Dufresne, we applaud you for coming up with the clever Apple Jacket (found here)! You must've also considered the horrible torture that apple skins undergo! Thanks to you, the next time I grab an apple on my way out the door, I can rest assured that I won't be devouring a petri dish disguised as my favorite fruit when it's snack time (nor do I have to waste a paper/plastic bag!). I have to say, I prefer this way of being green rather than having my face take on that color when I think about all the microbes that might be growing on my poor apple's exterior. Ok, ok... so maybe that doesn't happen, but I do think this is a cute and clever idea.


Tracy said...

That is clever... and stylish--I like that! Thank for sharing the fun, Sophie :o) Happy week ((HUGS))

urban craft said...

This is totally an awesome idea! I used to live next to an apple tree and I could never pick them because the birds kept picking at them. Something like this would be a great save for harvesting apples from local wildlife too!

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