Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun finds and freebies

I found this really pretty fabric online (I lost the url for the site where I found it! :0/) and thought it would make the perfect background for a fun blog! It took me awhile to figure out I couldn't crop it to make it tileable, but I made it seamless using gimp and now it can be used as a tiled background :).

I love each and every one of these kitchens! I wish that I could have a house just full of kitchens. A bathroom kitchen would be a little odd, though :).

Jinjerjup has some sweet freebies like cute wallpapers and print-outs.

Free colorful seamless patterns from Patterrific.

Really pretty free bohemian backgrounds for your site (you'll have to make them seamless).


tallmisto said...

So many cute things all for FREE! Yippeeee. Thanks Sophie.

I've been grabbing some patterns here have you seen these?

Tracy said...

Fun designs!! Thanks for the great links, Sophie...Happy weekend ((HUGS))

A Loner, Dottie. A Rebel. said...

Hope you two are having a fun and safe weekend.

Sarah-thanks for sharing that link! Haven't been there before :D.

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