Monday, June 15, 2009

The future/Rambling

Downtown Houston from our apartment

I can't believe it's already June and tomorrow is my hubby's birthday! This summer is flying by, it's crazy. I think every day goes by faster than the last. A month into his internship and things couldn't be better for Jose, thanks to God, we've been blessed. We're staying in a cozy apartment, thanks to Jose's sister, and at the moment I really can't complain. But because time is flying by, I realize that I really need to figure out what I'm going to do with myself after Jose graduates from law school.

What do I mean by that? Well, I've been going back and forth, I've always been pretty indecisive, but I'm determined to go to art school of some kind (as if that narrows it down!). For awhile, I was so determined to go to culinary school, but then when I think about all of the other things I enjoy doing, I almost get a little sad that I won't be able to develop the other interests, at least academically/professionally. But whatever I decide to do, I know that at one point or another I would like to serve others too. This life isn't my own to live and I wouldn't feel right just pursuing my own interests without acknowledging the suffering that exists in the world.

I don't care much for the corporate world, and I always felt that if I was going to be some kind of professional other than an artist, I would like to be a teacher. So if I go to culinary school, I would like to offer culinary classes for financially struggling single moms who want to cook good meals for their kids but don't have the time. I'd also love to open up a restaurant (whether or not I attend culinary school) and I think it would be very cool if I could somehow dedicate one day a week, or every two weeks, to serving food to those who don't have much in the community (maybe have a free meal night or discount menu?). I still need to work out the details and I'm saying all of this pretty much ignorant of whether or not it'd be affordable, but I know I'd like to do something to this effect.

Oh Oh! And about the restaurant I want to open (if I go to culinary school), I'd like it to also be a music venue... and last night I told Jose that if I decided to just go to art school (to become an illustrator or graphic artist) I would still like to open up a gluten-free bakery/pancake house; maybe I could sell art there? There's already a gluten-free bakery in Austin that I like to visit called Wild Wood and they sell local art there, very fun place. I was able to swing by the place this past week when I went to Austin for a business meeting. The night before, we (the company) went out to eat at another restaurant on South Congress, where they serve a drink called a New Old Fashioned -- when I heard about it, I just knew I had to use it for a restaurant/bakery name!

KIDS! Yes, we'll find a way to squeeze those in too. Eventually we'd also like to adopt, kids and animals, we both feel that if you can afford it and you've got the love to give, then it's the right thing to do. I think I'd like to have 4 or 5 kids total, not sure how many of them will be adopted, we shall see...

I'm very scatterbrained. It's a good thing I like being busy because it sounds like that's what life's gonna be like these next few years :).


The Librarian said...

Hey! So something to mention in regards to culinary school. A friend of mine went to TWO culinary schools, and is a pastry chef. She said both were an absolute waste of time, and you find that you get better experience in an actual kitchen then going to school. Whenever she talks to people that want to go to culinary school, she always talks them out because of the fact that you are putting all that money into an investment that doesn't fruit reward.

Now, if she wasn't good I would just shrug the advice. But she is very good at what she does, and she learned it all through work experience. So, it's something to consider. She says it is very easy to enter into a restaurant without any training and say, "I would like to get training."

Sophie said...

Hey Jen,

Thanks for the tip, I have heard some folks say this, including another chef :). I'll have to look into it. =0)

Tracy said...

Hope all your dreams come true and then some, Sophie! And that your hubby had a great birthday :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

tallmisto said...

This sounds so like me. I have so many college credits that add up to nothing. I like so many things and I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. So I guess I just dabble in all of them.

In college my roommate and I were going to open a restaurant with a little book store as you walk in full of poetry books. There would be paintings of mine and others along the walls. Oh and if possible entirely decorated by us with the menu designed by me. I think we didn't ever plan on sleeping.

I do believe that whatever you do it will be wonderful!

A Loner, Dottie. A Rebel. said...

Thanks, Tracy =o).

Hi Sarah, it does sound like we have quite a bit in common! I really like your idea...ahhh, loving the poetry books, I have a small collection of vintage poetry books in storage! An illustrated menu is also a must :).

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