Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 months (and some change) & a thank you!

Ali from Enjoying Now recently sent me a very thoughtful (and cute) care package, with a sweet note enclosed. She thought I needed some cheering up, so she sent over the beautiful wreath (photo below) and a perfectly pink nail polish to match the bright pink flower on the wreath. She made the wreath, too!

The wreath does match Mirabel's nursery colors, Ali :). It's hanging nicely on a wall, on her side of the room. In a few months it'll be hanging in her own room! So looking forward to moving...We are already looking at homes for rent online! I'm super excited! (I'm also trying to find a cute and fun dress to wear to Jose's graduation! I can't believe he's graduating! I'm so pumped for that.)

But! The weather is improving! Just last week it hit the 50s and we took a much needed 2 hour walk around the campus. Notice the smiles below? I'm not the only one who's missed the sunshine :).

Just a few more months until her 1st birthday! I cannot believe it! Hopefully we'll all be sleeping better by then--at least, that's my goal for now. I think with all the changes going on, Mirabel is having an extra difficult time staying asleep. So she's waking about 4 to 5 times a night! It's rough, but I keep telling myself that she won't be this little for long. Then I'll miss her baby phase! I think she's on the verge of walking (hopefully?!). She is standing for a few seconds on her own. She isn't a fan of crawling, though. She prefers to do a backwards army-type crawl. Then she licks the floor.

We just found out yesterday that she is anemic :(. I felt guilty about it. She still isn't eating solids as much as I'd like her to. But yesterday I was feeling extra determined, after hearing that she'd have to take (which seems to me) a frightening/high dose of iron. I made lentils with some bell peppers, seasoned with a few spices. She seemed to like it. Well, she did gag at first, but she eventually got used to the texture and taste. She finished everything that I served her! This has never happened! I also stocked up on a ton of iron-rich foods at the store. If you all can recommend any tasty baby food blends that are iron rich, I'd love to hear about them!


The Librarian said...

Since I am not knowledgeable about baby food, I am not sure what to suggest. But I do know that broccoli is very high in iron. Spinach is also, but our bodies can not digest a lot of the iron that it has. But anything that is a deep green is high in iron, so if you must mush it up maybe it would be good for Mirabel? Again, not very knowledgeable about baby food. :( Sorry to hear that about Mirabel. I hope people give you better ideas!

Anonymous said...

It looks adorable in her room. Glad you liked it! :)

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