Thursday, February 10, 2011

The sun shines again

Right now I'm sitting on the floor with Mirabel and the curtains are open because...the sun is shining! We even got to see the sunset driving home the other afternoon. I don't even remember the last time I saw it before then.

Spring is almost here.

And here is Mirabel crawling (or army crawling) backwards (last night). More like dragging across the floor. She doesn't crawl. I don't know if she ever will. :P She looks like a baby seal in this picture and the expression makes me laugh...

She wasn't eating many solids until recently. She hated purees, so she didn't want anything from the jar. I tried giving her fruit, but she gagged on the pieces. A friend recommended these feeders, and they work really well. We also discovered this life-saver! She actually eats now! I mean, more than just 2 bites, this is progress!!! :D

On a totally unrelated note. You know that ol' cute saying that's recently come back that goes something like "Keep Calm and Carry On"? Well, I want to get this shirt that captures that saying in a whole new way ;).


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