Saturday, January 15, 2011


Though white, clean spaces are relaxing to the senses, I'm starting to question whether a white/cream theme in my [dream!] home would really be all that "homey" for us. There's something cozy about color.

Maybe it's the relief it brings. Like, who cares if you have a kiddo running through the house with muddy shoes on. Sure you can clean it up afterward, but at least you don't have to worry about missing a spot. Then there's color therapy, right? Certain colors make us feel a certain way.

And flowers. They don't have to match the colors in the rest of the room. Their presence alone brings hope...on rainy days of all kinds. Toys all over the floor? Who cares. There are flowers on the kitchen table, it's gonna be ok. LOVE flowers. I also love how they're used in these rooms. My [dream] home will have flowers in every room :); wild flowers during the summer months, and bouquets during the winter months.

I really like these rooms for different reasons. Found them on Skona Hem (and check out that beautiful cabin when you click the link!).


Tracy said...

Happy New Year, Sophie! LOVE the feeling of these rooms! I just love white and pale colors... we have pales & neutrals thoughout our house. Much as I love color, and especially color when crafting, I have to have calming colors in my living/working environment. That's some snow you have there... bbbrrr... be keeping warm, safe & happy :o) ((HUGS))

Sophie said...

Tracy, you have such a comfy and pretty home! I remember seeing pics awhile back and loved what you did with the place; you definitely have an eye for interior decorating :).

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