Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I've learned about being a mom so far

Every day, Mirabel teaches me something new about myself. Whether it's that I'm stronger than I thought I was, or the opposite, that I need to humble myself and admit that I don't know everything (and that I need to get over one insecurity or another). Still, being a mom has given me a new sense of security...though, ironically, I run on very little sleep (which leaves me quite fuzzy-headed), and I occasionally wonder if we're going to have to get a credit card to cover diaper expenses alone (hehe, just kiddin').

All of the cliche sayings are true. I haven't loved someone this much before, and I've never found little bundles of lint hidden between chubby rolls of skin cute until now. When I wake up in the morning after being up almost every other hour the previous night, she gives me countless grins and I feel so blessed to receive them. Then I look in the mirror and, in spite of seeing bags under my eyes, a head full of frizzy hair and an unwashed face...I know that I've won.

Jose and I couldn't afford to buy each other fancy wedding rings when we married, we were poor recent college grads at the time, but I tell him that Mirabel is my diamond and the best gift he ever gave me. But I'm also going to give credit to the man upstairs for sending me this little angel that I was completely unworthy of receiving, and I still am unworthy of her.

He sent her to US for a reason; I'm realizing what those reasons are more and more each day.
  • Being discreet? Who cares about that. Whether she needs to be fed right then and there for the whole world to see, or she needs to "relieve" herself (which she is very good at doing LOUDLY :), we no longer feel the need to sit in the quietest section of the restaurant, if you know what I mean.
  • There's no time to be selfish. Time? What's that? Time is what's tickin' when she's napping and I'm not, like now. But I want to make sure I remember the details, so that's why I'm trying to take advantage of that time and document the special moments here. And as far as selfishness is concerned, that doesn't mix well with parenting. But you know what? They're happier that way and, as a result, you're happier, too.
  • Beauty really is pain. You know what? My mom told me that I'd forget about the pain of childbirth after holding this little girl in my arms for the first time. The truth is, I didn't forget and I actually still remember everything. But you know what? I'm glad I remember because I can honestly say it was worth it and I'd do it all again and again...
This list will continue to grow. But the little one has just woken up and she's wiggling in my arms trying to eat while I blog with one hand...another thing she's indirectly taught me how to do. :)


Tracy said...

This post says HAPPY in the very best possible way... So very glad Mirabel crowns your day--the sweetest diamond, yes. :o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I can relate to so much of this. I am glad you are enjoying your sweet girl so much.

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