Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Almost a month (a quick update on my break :)

My break? That's right :). Jose is home from a looong (11 hour!) day at work and I have about an hour to myself before we get ready for bed (bedtime happens as soon as the sun sets, these days!). I'm coming to realize just how much being a mom really is a full time job, particularly to a newborn who loves being held. I applaud all the single moms out there. Even though I'm home alone with the kiddo during the week, having a husband who pitches in when he gets home is such a blessing.

Mirabel is doing very well, I'm very happy to report. She is only waking up about 2 or 3 times a night and I'm starting to get used to the waking-up-at-night routine. It was a little tough at first, because I don't get out of bed easily, but operating on just a few hours of sleep isn't so tough any more :). I try to squeeze in at least one little nap a day, but Mirabel's daytime naps are getting shorter (but she's sleeping longer at night, so no complaints here!). Thankfully, she's a pretty content kiddo. She has her crying moments (she hates baths, isn't a fan of the car seat, and really doesn't like having her diaper changed) but she doesn't cry for hours on end and...the vacuum cleaner is our friend :)! As soon as the vacuum cleaner's powered on, the crying magically stops... So you'll sometimes find us plugging the vacuum cleaner into an outlet in the bathroom just to get through a bathing session tear-free, funny as that sounds...

More later. Here's another pic for now :).


Sarah said...

So pretty! What fun new babies are learning their quirks and how to deal

Tracy said...

Oh, sweet, Mirabel... Here's a virtual kiss from me! mmmwwaaahhh! ;o) LOVELY photos, Sophie... so glad all is going so well, the days so good... Happy Weekend. Oh, I know how busy you are, but wanted to say--I'm celebrating my blogiversary this weekend with a little gift giveaway--stop by if you can. ((HUGS))

Monica H said...

Sophie, She is beautiful! Mirabel looks so peaceful in that first picture. I'm so glad I stopped by.


Sophie said...

Monica, thank you :). Good to "see you" lol, stop by any time!

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