Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving forward (well, up North, really ;)

These past few weeks have flown by. I find myself agreeing with all the familiar comments and pieces of advice that new parents get, from "they grow so fast" to "sleep when the baby sleeps!". That last one, I still haven't mastered. I have a good excuse today, though...we are packing to move yet again. It'll be our final move within Texas, then in August we're heading back East for one more year (or about 9 months, I'm counting down!).

Mirabel has grown quite a bit. She started out a tiny 6lbs, and now the doctor says she's in the 80th percentile, as far as her size goes. Which makes sense, since she seems to like to eat quite often. At her last appointment, the doctor asked how often I feed her, whether it was ever 2 or 3 hours. I said, "whenever she wants!" HA! I think she's going to be a foodie ;). But can you nurse a baby too much? Hmm...we shall see. I didn't give up on nursing after all. It was pretty tough at first but I'm really glad I didn't give up.

She's also started smiling, here's the evidence (this was actually at 3 1/2 or 4 weeks, but she's been smilin' since about 2!)

She also got dressed up for Father's Day (actually, she doesn't really like getting dressed just yet--crying begins on cue every time!). But I managed to squeeze her into this dress, though I think it'll be the last time she wears it (we did buy too much clothes after all!).
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Amanda said...

I'm glad the nursing is working out. I always feed on demand. I can't imagine denying my baby, however big he is, a meal. I have complete confidence in my baby to know when he needs to eat. He is huge and eats a ton, but if you try to feed him when he isn't hungry, he won't take, so he definitely feeds with purpose. So I don't think you can over nurse them, particularly when actually breastfeeding. Michael is 21+ lbs already and although he is way off the charts my ped has never shown any concern for it because it just seems to be his genetics and he appears to be very healthy.

Mirabel looks like a perfect little doll! And very comfortable and happy too!

Sarah said...

So pretty. Look at that little smirk. I tried to schedule feeding with my first, and part with the second. It drove me insane. I gave up trying to force a schedule upon them. I finally regained sanity and it was peaceful with the third when I just fed the little bird whenever he wanted. Sometimes it feels like all you do is feed them, but that passes.

Your mamma now, only you know what works best for you and Mirabel. Whether it's a schedule or open buffet whatever works for you 2 is best. You're a trooper for even continuing nursing! It sounded like a rough start.

I love the hat and dress, she looks so sweet!

Sophie said...

Amanda and Sarah: I know what you mean. She will literally gag when I've tried to feed her when she wasn't hungry (initially thinking she was hungry though). I can't imagine not feeding her on demand. Schedule, what's that? LOL :)

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