Saturday, May 9, 2009

Historic Dream Homes

Mary Engelbreit house

How did I spend my Friday night? Looking at homes (online) -- historic ones (click photos to enlarge). I found all of these on Very cool site, you can even search based on style in the archives. I'm not very fond of large houses, so I picked these somewhat 'smaller' houses as my favorites. They look cozy, the second yellow one is actually referred to as a doll house :)!

I would love love LOOOVE to live in a historic house. (Mary Engelbreit was one of my favorite artists growing up, these houses resemble those in her drawings.) I would totally be willing to sacrifice the space -- my only concern would be the plumbing/appliance issues, but those can be fixed, sometimes... Not sure if I'd want a brand new house built to look old, though.


tallmisto said...

I love the quirks and beauty of old homes. I also love your background and little lace edging on your blog!

Sophie said...

Thanks :). Have a great Mother's Day!

Tracy said...

Wow...all of these look like home sweet home to me! ;o) There's something about the one at the top that says--"Well, come on in..." Very fun post--and great link. I adore old houses and buildings. Happy Day, Sophie ((HUGS)) P.S. The haiku even it tomorrow :o)

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