Thursday, May 14, 2009

Makin' stuff

I've been taking it slow lately. I did make quite a few Mother's Day cards but decided to give them away instead of sell them :). I've yet to update my store, mostly because I'm purposely taking my time with everything these days. I tend to be a pretty high-energy/rushed person and, as a result, sometimes I don't do things as well as I would if I just took my time a bit more. This also applies to cooking/baking and my food blog. I wanted to take a break from Flour Arrangements because I didn't like feeling like I had to hurry up and post something, it really took the joy away from the whole experience, and inspiration doesn't follow a schedule anyway :P.

I feel like I've been rushing through this year, trying to make sure I have time to cook and bake something new, or sew something new, or draw something new, find new music to listen to, etc. Then I realized I was the one rushing myself! Speaking of rushin' ;) (sorry, I had to!), here's a Matryoshka doll card I made for my mom. The littlest nesting doll isn't actually wearing heavy eyeliner, the point on the felt tip pen I was using wasn't fine enough for the drawing :P.

And here's a shabby chic-ish pillow I made a week later (I've been wanting to make this for awhile now with the fabric I ordered from this site, but I put it off...and it felt nice to put it off :)


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