Sunday, May 31, 2009

Farm living is the life for me...maybe? :)

So we're finally back in Texas! Feeling the heat full-force! Well, maybe not -- it isn't August yet. But it has been warm and I can easily say that I've been enjoying feeling sweaty, especially this weekend when we traveled outside of the city (Houston) to go blueberry picking! $3/pound = dirt cheap! But it was hot -- sweat dripping down my face and all.

While in Austin last weekend, we met up with my parents, then we all stopped by my favorite antique store, now my mom loves it just as much as I do :). (Oh! Jose also bought a kinda-cowboy hat to help block out the sun for his next summer job, he's wearing it in one of the blueberry photos. He'll be spending part of his summer volunteering as a gardener/office assistant for Urban Harvest, after his first internship ends. He plans on buying boots before we go back to Boston haha! :)

my version of a very stereotypical blueberry photo :).

We had another "agri-tainment" adventure last weekend, when we visited a farm outside of Austin -- we picked up some produce at their farmers market and made friends with a huuuge pig. She was biiig! Jose and I have been talking about possibly purchasing a little farm or 'petting zoo' outside of Austin, when we (hopefully!) move back there after he graduates. I say petting zoo (actually, Jose was the first to call it that) because I don't know if I could slaughter animals that I've made eye contact with. Actually, I don't know that I could slaughter any animals for that matter. Though I wouldn't be doing it anyway, I'd still feel pretty bad eating one of my friends (believe me, I have been very tempted to become a vegetarian precisely because of this reason!).

I would like to live close enough to the city so that it's only a short drive away, but far enough so that it kind of feels like I'm living in the middle of nowhere. I secretly envy Lorelei's Dragonfly Inn (from Gilmore Girls) and would love to run one, but maybe something more manageable, something more along the lines of a Bed and Breakfast (not that I know how manageable that would be at this point :P). Still, I think it'd be fun.

So here are some pictures of both adventures. The blueberry ones were edited big time, as you can see :). I've also included a few pics of houses that Jose and I passed by while in Austin (we like to drive around neighborhoods and look at houses to get ideas for our future home -- hopefully the people that live here don't mind us posting these pics :P). I really like the blue cottage/victorian house in this first photo and the porch in the second dark blue-green house. Jose likes the colors and general look of the more earthy looking one -- I think it's cozy too.


tallmisto said...

I would love to live in the middle of nowhere and tend to animals, and grow stuff. Maybe make cheese and sell it, or something earthy like that. I miss the rural life so much I recently researched having chickens in my back yard. No such luck. The city apparently has codes against it. Silly code.

These houses are beautiful! The farm stands look well worth the heat.

Tracy said...

Sweet...all looks and sounds good to me! Having grown up in a rural place, I often take a fancy to maybe returning to the land someday. However my big dream of living near the sea came true a few years ago and my fascination the sea it is for now. :o) Glad you are having some grand days. Fun to catch up on your latest posts. We're only just back from our two-week trip...Now the jet lag--LOL! Happy weekend ahead ((HUGS))

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