Monday, November 21, 2011


My body might actually be working on its own folks!!!!! This is an ovulation test, not a pregnancy test... I'm so excited. Had to share here since I have some fellow PCOSers that read this blog! This is so exciting. I hope I'm not getting too excited over nothin'. It's a FRER. (Taken with my phone. Sorry it's blurry.)
NO MEDS, people!!!!!!


Amanda said...

Ok, you can't title a post "OMG OMG OMG" and then immediately show a pick of a stick with 2 lines on it.

I'm glad that the machinery is working. I've ovulated like 10 months in a row now... if I have trouble getting pregnant for the second time I'm going to be really disappointed. What's the point of a period if you can't get pregnant when you want to?

Sophie said...

Hi Amanda :)
I know! Well, I just called Frer and I was wrong :(. Apparently if the line is faint, it means nothing!! The line needs to be just as dark as the reference line :/. But then they said that you could also have no line show up. So I don't know what to think.

Anonymous said...

yeah!!!!!! So excited......oh and then just read your comment BUT I still hope your body is working on it's own. I have been having a period (on my own) since May now and am so thankful! I just hope, for both of us, that we can have our future babies without the meds, the hassle and the drama.

The Librarian said...

This is exciting news! :-D

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