Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love Letter

I may not always know what's wrong, but I'll trust the one who's always right because he gave me you.

I may not understand the reason behind all of your tears, but I'll find a way to make you smile, or simply hold you until they run dry (when I've run out of ideas).

When you're begging for attention by clinging to my leg as baskets full of wrinkled clothing morph into mountains of unfolded laundry--I'll still choose you. Each new day brings the same set of chores, but you change every day. (And I can trust you'll grow faster than piles of laundry, anyway.)

When we've both had a long day and you're screaming in the tub or fighting sleep, I'll remember that you taught me how to give the perfect hug. Nothing compares to those sweet, unexpected moments when your head of curls rests against my shoulder while your tiny arms wrap around me tightly. The truth is, you're not fighting me--just the nap or just the bath--but us? We are on the same team.

My little girl, I love the way your skin and hair still smell like baby. To me, I think they always will.

I love you, it's as simple as that. Never forget it.


Anonymous said...

did you write this? It is beautiful and captures the heart of a mother perfectly. :)

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