Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So here's our bedroom. The framed photos were free images from the Graphics Fairy. Frames were from Walmart, spray painted 2 of them white. Night stands are from Home Goods. Dresser from Craig's List (painted). All other misc items (lamp --ha not pictured, crystal type stuff) were gifts. Other little knicknacks purchased at the thrift store. I was never really a fan of black...until my mother in law gave me this bedspread when I moved in. I thought it was pretty and Jose liked it, so I decided to give our room a more gender neutral theme. We both like nature, heck, who doesn't like nature? So the nature-y theme it is. I like those vintagey bird egg paintings above the bed. Oh, and the "Mr and Mrs" signs hanging on the right and left sides of that black frame (with our vows) were Etsy finds. The names are engraved on tree stumps! Oh yeah, and the green pillow is a Cambridge find; found it at a Tibetan/Indian shop back in Boston. Might add more pillows. Any more ideas on how I can spruce up the room a bit more?

Speaking of pillows, our living room is begging for them! I've just been to lazy to sew some pillow covers. This place is so naked! I just bought the basic furniture on Craig's List. Every item purchased was under $50! Hopefully it doesn't look like it too much ;). I need to add more to the walls, I think. Maybe get some curtains later. Again, pillows are a must. Oh yes, and I need to find something cute to put the toys in other than a playpen. But the playpen is also blocking a fun outlet with a bunch of cords (that Mirabel would otherwise chew on/play with if it was exposed)...I think the toys and the frilly pink playpen are my favorite part of the whole deal ;).

But oh, the light! The natural light makes up for so much :)!!


Sarah said...

I love how nice and light it is (and that coffee table looks very cool). Maybe some curtains or something light over the windows. I don't know if you can do that in your lease, but that's easy to fill holes of rods when you take them down.

Maybe something hanging in that little reading nook? I made paper lanterns out of strips of paper and I find myself moving them around the house because they are so cheery.

Plants, always add some pop too. I know it's hard with kids, but maybe a hanging plant?

Pillows do sound like a good idea.

Amanda said...

I really like the bedspread!

I'm not too good at accessorizing. But I agree about doing some window treatments, they make such a difference.

A headboard for the bed would help balance out the bedroom a lot. I like having a basket on the floor with spare pillows, that could work with your nature theme well.

A bigger piece of art might be nice, or a collage of smaller piece in an interesting arrangement. You could do it with family photos since you have lots of those now.

Anonymous said...

I love the bedding! So pretty.

I definitely think a diy headboard would really warm up the room. Curtains would also be a great addition.

You could get a storage ottoman for Mirabel's toys and then hopefully block the outlets in the process.

You have some really cute pieces of furniture that have a lot of personality. Good work!

Sophie said...

Thank you for the tips. Yes, a headboard is definitely in our future! So is more art. :D

Sarah, i love plants! I'm going to see if I can somehow figure out a safe way to hang them. We aren't supposed to drill major holes (I still hung a few frames :P), but I agree that plants add such a nice bit of warmth to a room.

The Librarian said...

I likey!

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