Sunday, September 26, 2010

My favorite animal

...well, one of my favorites :).

I recently started using one of those baby ring slings, and have to say that a simple piece of fabric has saved my life! Or just my arms ;). Mirabel likes it because it's not as constraining as other carriers, and she out grew her other carrier. I tried the beco butterfly and was thinking of getting an ergo but she can't stand being that tied up. The ring sling allows her to be more free...and I sometimes think she looks like a baby koala when I carry her around in it...


Amanda said...

Very cute looking! We like using our sling too but sometimes I wish he wasn't so heavy. I'm strongly contemplating an ergo or beco at this point.

I find my rings are a little more comfortable up near my shoulder (they are always working their way down). There are a lot of wearing videos on

Sophie said...

Hey Amanda :),

Thanks for the link. I'm still trying to get a hang of this ring sling-I do notice it slides :). Right before she was in that position, I was nursing her in it and boy was that interesting! We were in the middle of apple picking and she was hungry, surprisingly it actually worked...but I think I still need a bit more practice :D.

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