Friday, September 3, 2010


If you love fish, you'll love Gloucester. It's a fairly small town right along the Atlantic, with a few beaches and plenty of fish restaurants, including my new favorite: Lobsta Land! I can't decide whether I like it more because of the name or the actual fish they serve ;). We visited about two weekends ago and I inhaled the cod. So good, so fresh. No fishy taste whatsoever. I ordered it without the butter sauce and it was still delicious, with just a little lemon and salt.

...these two lobstas got away, and the one in the background was attempting to escape too, I think ;).

After visiting Lobsta Land, we stopped by a castle built by the guy who invented the remote control (with all that money, he had to invent something a castle, of course :P). It was gorgeous. Amazing ocean views. Check out the photos from our trip below...


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