Friday, August 20, 2010

The plane ride back to Boston...

Was an unbelievably easy one! Oh my goodness, I could not believe my ears...pure silence the whole 3.5 hours we were on the plane. Of course, the fact that all Mirabel wanted to do for 3/4 of the trip was eat and sleep did help...but I was shocked that she was awake during the landing/elevation changes and didn't shed a tear! The only thing she did to attract attention to herself was burp really loudly at the end of the flight :). She then proceeded to grin at everyone who laughed at her impressive belching abilities. My mom purchased some homeopathic pills to calm her and we gave her a few before the flight, I wonder if that had anything to do with it? Either way, I was a happy mommy. I was even surprised that she slept the whole night without a problem, the nap and change in scenery didn't seem to bother her.

My little jet setter is growing up so fast. Today, I placed her changing pad on the bed (because we don't have her changing table set up here yet) and for just a moment I turned away to grab her diaper/wipes. When I turned back, her head was hanging off the pad! Thankfully, the changing pad was on the middle of the bed. She literally scooted herself from the center of the changing pad to the very edge! I put her back and while I was changing her she kept doing it! Basically, while she's resting on her back, she digs her heels into each side of the changing pad and then pushes up, like frogs do when they jump from one place to the other. It's like a new form of crawling :D! I'm definitely gonna have to keep my eye on her at all times now, she hasn't done this while on the bed yet but I won't be surprised if she gives it a try's so funny because she had a smile on her face while she was doing it. She hates being still. In fact, sometimes she just cries because she wants us to walk around with her. I know she's gonna be one of those kiddos who runs all over the place...and I have a feeling, as soon as she starts to walk, she isn't gonna be so quiet on the airplane anymore ;).


Anonymous said...

Their burps and farts are the best ice breakers aren't they?! :)

Tracy said...

Oh, the learning of burping & farting... and what effect it has on her "audience"--priceless! ;o) Happy Days, Sophie ((HUGS))

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