Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3 months and some change

Our summer here in Texas is quickly coming to an end. Next week, Jose drives to Boston while Mirabel and I wait for him to arrive (at our old apt.) and then we'll fly back to meet up with him. We're doing it that way because Mirabel still hates the car seat. And bottles too! But she is happy...in fact, she's started laughing out loud recently. She's also starting to put everything in her mouth, like the baby doll in the photo above (she isn't kissing it, she's trying to eat it :).

I'll say it again, time has FLOWN by! We're one quarter of the way to one year...one more year until we move back to Texas, until we try to have another one. It really does go by faster the older you get...


Anonymous said...

she has really grown this month!

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