Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cheesy, but that's how to make IT last!

This summer has been jam packed with activities, from delivering a baby and moving twice to interning and attending law firm social events. Jose's been busy with the latter, along with working full time. So some days we'll only see each other for about 15 minutes, if at all. I'm trying to get used to being an attorney's wife, as silly as that sounds. Mentally, he definitely has it harder. But sometimes I really miss him. Since we have so little time alone, I've been trying to come up with some ideas on how to better communicate with Jose, without having to necessarily see him or talk to him on the phone. When we can't give each other a hug in person, we right each other cheesy blog posts.

Blog posts? Ha! That's right. Idea number one. I told Jose we should create a blog that only we have access to, so that we can write notes to each other and then read them when we aren't able to talk or see each other. Kind of like passing notes in class, except we don't have to worry about the teacher catching us and reading the note out loud! ;)

...But here I am posting a snippet of a note/post he wrote me last night! (I hope you don't mind, Jose ;)! I just feel so lucky to have a sweet man in my life who loves me this much and still makes my heart swoon and say "aww"! I'm not gonna lie, one of the things that first attracted me to Jose was how nicely he expressed himself on paper. So, instead of being love at first sight, for us it was love at first read :).

Here it is:

As I was driving home, I ended up doing what you did while you got lost that one time in the hills. I'd drive up and down, and every time I'd go up, I'd see all of downtown Austin's lights. It reminded me for some reason of the times I'd sit up at the balcony at night in the dark, staring down at all of these people who had others to spend time with at night. I was alone on the quiet balcony, while the drag was all lit up, with tons of people walking around.

And it made me all the more grateful to get home and be able to give you a kiss. In fact, I was happy that you were awake... so that I could tell you I love you.


Amanda said...

The blog is a great idea. Modern love notes.

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