Monday, May 17, 2010

My real life doll is home :D

It feels so good to be back home! Thankfully, it turns out Mirabel didn't have an infection in her lungs, just a little fluid and that cleared out. She is a bit jaundiced and has a small murmur, so the doc will be monitoring her and we are hopeful that her health will quickly improve, as these two issues are fairly common.

She's not even home an hour and I'm already putting little flowery things in her hair! It all still seems pretty surreal (but it felt real during labor! ;). When I look at her, I think "that came from me?!". The wait is over and it feels so good to finally have this little girl in our lives. Jose is such a dedicated father :D. A friend of mine mentioned that you fall in love with your husband all over again when he becomes a dad, and I think she's right. I haven't quite decided who I think she looks like most. Sometimes she looks the way I did when I was a baby, and other times I see a mini version of my husband. I'd say she's a nice blend of the two of us.

Mirabel's a fun girl and, so far, a fairly calm and content baby...but watch out, when she's hungry she can hit notes Mariah Carey can't even reach :). We're still getting to know her and every day we learn a bit more about her and about ourselves as parents. For instance, I haven't been sleeping much these past few days but somehow I have the energy to keep on going without a nap :). She only kept us up one night at the nicu, but that was because I didn't realize she was still hungry. After we figured out that she likes to go to bed stuffed, bedtimes aren't in the AM hours ;).


Sarah said...

She is so adorable. I love the foot shot. Just a bit of advice - SLEEP SOPHIE SLEEP. I thought I was full of energy and new life when I brought my first home. I never slept, I thought people were nuts telling me to take it easy. One day it hit, and I felt something over take me worse than anything I have ever experienced (even labor). Sleep when she sleeps! Your little body went through more than you think. I realized later that he needed me to sleep and to heal too. That is the only advice I willingly offer to new moms. I became very ill and I would hate to see anyone else go through it.

Sophie said...

Sarah, you are very right about the rest thing! I did end up getting sick :/. Now I make sure to take at least one nap a day and it makes a world of difference!

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