Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sewing! Yay!

I'm finally sewing :D! These past two weekends, my friend Jamie's given me a total of 5 hours worth of sewing lessons! What a sweet girl! I paid her back with homemade granola bars and a movie -- well, we watched Twilight after I downloaded the rental from Amazon. I got her hooked on the books, I confess! We both agree that the movie can only be enjoyed if the book is read first. For some reason, I felt the movie was made up of mostly adoring/slightly cheesy glances and strange looks, not much verbal content. It reminded me of a high school play. The emotions were also watered down, but it was a fun chick flick, no less :).

So what's the first thing I sewed? A skirt, with Jamie's help, of course. The zipper was a pain to sew on! (It's in the back and looks pretty bad, I didn't photograph it. ;) My sewing skills are very much at the beginner level). But hey, I'm glad I FINALLY did it. My sewing class was canceled not once, but twice. The first time, before the class actually started. The second, the weekend before we even had the chance to sew! But I am no longer intimidated by my pink sewing machine, I can do this!

My next project? This purse! Check it out!

After creating the first 'experimental' purse, I'll make one for my pal Jenn using this fabric (that is, if she likes it ;). Click to enlarge:

Here's the skirt (notice the crooked sewing on the front :D. I can't believe it actually fit me!)


The Librarian said...

I absolutely ADORE the fabric! You know me all too well!

And I think the skirt is gorgeous as well. You perfectionist you. :)

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