Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let the music do the talking

Who: Thomas Dybdahl, award-winning Norwegian singer-songwriter.

Top 3 favorite songs: A Love Story, Everybody Knows, Riverbed (with Morcheeba).

The lyrics, put simply: Non-threatening poetry; sentimental but sincere.

How it'll make you feel: Peaceful, like... watching clouds go by, sprawled out on a blanket after eating a dark chocolate strawberry shortcake, right before sunset :)...

Who will like this? Those who enjoy a good sappy music-induced coma, minus the monotony.

Anything else? : It's what you can listen to in PJs on a rainy day spent at home, but not alone. And the music itself? Think watercolors instead of heavy acrylics.

You might also like: Barzin, Travis, Minor Majority, Nick Drake, Neil Halstead, Alexi Murdoch, Elbow... those featured on the playlist below.


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