Saturday, December 13, 2008


At the ripe old age of 25 (kidding :), I can say that I've learned a few things -- but I've still got quite a bit of learnin' to do. This is where I reflect on what the Good Lord has taught me. He's been my source of strength and inspiration throughout the years. One of the greatest gifts he's given me? Well, there are 2 (actually, there are many). A strong, wise and loving husband and this tiny baby in my belly, Mirabel -- the little (miracle) girl I hope to meet around May 17th 2010. You can read more about her story here.

Life's been exciting so far. I grew up mostly in Northern/Southern California, then moved to Texas, and now we're living in good ol' Massachusetts (around the Boston area). Why are we here? (I ask myself that when it's 5 degrees outside. ;) Well, the husband is in grad school, so we'll be here until May 2011... then we'll find ourselves deep in the heart of Texas, once again. That's where pretty bluebonnets line the long, expansive highways (with little traffic) and the skies are just as blue, with many puffy clouds (whose funny shapes are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours, thinking of unicorns and flying pigs).

You'll hear about our adventures on this blog -- mostly the indoor ones that revolve around yarn, fabric and drawing paper. I also try to post about etsy shop updates. Music and love keep us sane and content, so occasionally I'll blog about those things, too. Oh yes, and trips. We take those sometimes. We always have fun no matter where we are or what we're doing, even if we're just grocery shopping. Flour Arrangements is where I post about what becomes of the items purchased from the grocery store :).

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Want to know how I came up with the blog name? Click here then fast forward to about 7 minutes and 20 seconds for the answer :).

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Great idea!

puglyfeet said...

Your blog is adorable. It's going on my list. :)

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