Sunday, September 6, 2009


This is the 4th picture of this darn test I've taken. I'm gonna be a mom! Honestly, this news took Jose and I by surprise, but not in the way you might think. This was definitely planned...

2 weeks ago I went to the doctor and was told that my hormones were so outta whack that I was going to need 1. Either IVF or 2. Surgery (a procedure called ovarian drilling). The doctor was convinced I would not be able to conceive on my own! At age 17, I was told that I would need medical intervention to have a baby (I have polycystic ovarian syndrome). I even took Clomid, a fertility pill, for 3 months and it did NOT work. I was convinced that God would certainly have to intercede, I was praying for a miracle.

I had a set date to see the reproductive endocrinologist this Wednesday, I was going to tell her that I wanted to have the surgery done.

Can you believe it?!

For the past two weeks I'd been praying that God would literally put something in the way to stop me from having this surgery if I wasn't meant to go under the knife...

Well, a bun in the oven is certainly a sign that I don't need to have the surgery!!!!!!!

... Cuz, ya know, that's the whole reason why I was gonna need to have the surgery in the first place!! THIS IS OUR MIRACLE!!!!

It should be due around mid May!!!!!!!


Tracy said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Sophie! I know how much this means to you, so I am doubly glad how events have turned in such a happy direction. So THRILLED for you & your hubby... Wishing the sweetest days while you wait for you little one. :o) Be taking good care... ((HUGS))

plo said...

Congrats! Good luck to you and your family!

Sophie A. said...

Thanks, you two :)!!

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