Saturday, April 7, 2007

CD Review: Until June

Straight out of Southern Cali, Until June aren't literally waiting until June to release their first self-titled release. It'll hit the shelves on April 17th. Also, thanks to MySpace, I just discovered that they've made the new tunes available on, but just for a short time! So, to all you fans who can't wait until the 17th, check it out; it's free and the sound quality is pretty crisp. If you don't know what Until June are all about, and you want a written description before you let your ears take the plunge into their pop-rock infested world of pianos and sincere lyrics, well, you've come to the right place.

I'm tuning-in to their new album right now, and I'm content with what I'm hearing. Covering the emotional highs and lows, without getting overly-sentimental or stereotypically sappy, Until June steer clear of tumbling down the bubblegum-pop road. How do they do it? Well, for starters, every song exposes something honest about them; it's almost as if they've composed a musical diary that's been purposely kept unlocked. They're spiritual guys, but their songs don't overtly reveal their beliefs. It is thrown in there a few times, though, especially in songs like What I've Done, where the lyrics go something like I'm alone/and I'm ashamed/hold me in your arms/now I'm sorry for what I've done. Even for those who consider themselves strictly secular music listeners, they're presenting an issue any human being can relate to: Forgiveness.

Until June aren't limited, they can keep it simple and true in regards to the lyrics; there are also those other less thought-provoking but still ear-satisfying songs, like Sleepless, one of my personal favorites. It's upbeat and fun without being covered in sugar; oddly enough, the lyrics actually express a story of lost love served with a side of regret, but there's no indigestion afterward! Until June are pretty full of surprises in how they choose to combine lyrics and tunes to create their staple sound, a mixture of soft piano key strikes accompanied by lead singer Josh Ballard's distinctive California beach boy voice. These two elements combine well enough to create a tasty musical cocktail that serves to set them apart from the world's flavorless music makers.


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