Monday, April 9, 2007

CD Review: Goldfrapp

A mix of electronic fun and girlie grooves, Goldfrapp, the group, have all the elements to ward off monotonous sounds of boredom with their latest release, Supernature. I'm only sad that they haven't made it off the TV commercials and onto the radio, at least here in the US.

I'm glad my ears have had the chance to get acquainted with Goldfrapp's abstract but still fluid flows. Alison Goldfrapp's voice illuminates sound waves as she throws in a couple of lyrical twists and turns without leaving listeners dizzy and lost. I'd even go so far as to say that she's quite the performer. Goldfrapp's vidoes sometimes make the songs even better; the crazed costumes and appropriately outlandish computer graphics definitely add to their sparkle and glimmer.

Still, their songs wear more than the usual amusing and catchy labels. Goldfrapp can also do mellow, as "Time Out From the World" would imply, but it's songs like "Lovely 2 C U" that'll give listeners a real adrenaline rush. Somewhere between a party soundtrack that offers innovative background music and a complex industrial rock album that might keep dancers searching for new moves, Goldfrapp's latest release is one that can easily be appreciated by many.

Goldfrapp offer ear candy without leaving the rest of the senses jealous; going into the Goldfrapp world is quite the experience for any fan, and I'm definitely one of them.
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