Friday, September 23, 2011

Mad Hatter Meets Pee Wee Herman ;)

AKA My latest furniture re-do
Formerly an old blue dresser that wasn't
primed (so the
wood showed thru). Initially bought it back in Boston for $40. Transformed with extra fabric (I have too much fabric that I never know what to do with because I don't sew very well :P).
The letters were purchased for $0.98 at Hobby Lobby. Pretty inexpensive to re-do. Cheaper than buying a new dresser.
If you see green along the top edges of two drawers, it's because I didn't make the fabric cuts long enough (and I didn't cut the fabric straight enough :P, so I used green lace to hide the evidence.
I also learned that pinking shears are the best thing to use if you don't want to use anti-fray glue (or you're too lazy to look for it, if you do have it) <---- I'm guilty ;). I have a good excuse for that: most of this project was rushed and done at around 6 AM or during naptime.


Sarah said...

Super cute! I love the letters and the mismatched fabric. It looks vintage and like everything was meant to be together.

Amanda said...

It looks really cute! Whenever I see projects like this it makes me want to go to garage sales and try to find old furniture to fix up. It's probably a good thing that I take too long to get around in the morning these days or my basement would be filled with old furniture.

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