Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update on Life

Life has been full lately. Visiting with family, quality time with my dear husband (who, sadly and happily, starts work this Monday), and enjoying lots of warm weather. It's been a little rough too. We're still trying to figure things out--parenting is a constant learning experience and tantrums in stores are becoming a common occurrence, because we have a curious toddler who loves to touch everything. But at home, all is well. I've actually started crafting a bit more during nap time. These are two recent projects. Fabric flower headbands with a touch of a pink frilly feather; beneath that, a collage on wood made with mod podge, fabric, and scrapbook paper. Have I mentioned I like nesting dolls ;)?


Anonymous said...

Tantrums...oh so fun! I try to reason with Elijah but for some reason he doesn't listen. hmmmm I hope Jose likes his new job. Can't wait to see more pictures of your projects. How is weaning and sleeping? I hope it's getting better.

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