Monday, July 11, 2011

Color. Unconventional. Quirky. Eclectic. Home.

Can you guess what my favorite color is? :)...
Found the pillow on Etsy, the lamp at TJ Maxx, the frames at Goodwill (brown, spray painted them turquoise). I don't have a very traditional style. I really love color and cute things. I don't think I'll ever outgrow that.

Finally added more to the walls! I found this great frame (bottom) at Hobby Lobby that documents every month of Mirabel's first year with a photo (because you can't have too many photos!).
Instead of hanging a family photo in the living room, I printed out that picture of our silhouettes (middle).
And...Katie Daisy. I love her work. I found some of her cards and decided to frame a couple (top).

I found a wicker chest on sale to store her toys in. I think it works a little better than the bright pink playpen :).

And because you want to feel like you're entering a fun, inviting home before you knock on someone's door, here's a recent craft: A button flower wreath for our front door...


Anonymous said...

I love your style Sophie. I just wish I could see it in person. Now please, let me in on how you did the silhouettes? I must copy you!

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