Friday, May 27, 2011

Closing Time

I think that was actually my high school graduation song. It was that or Here's to the Night by Eve 6. Anyhow, we're done here! Wow! I'm still in a state of disbelief. It's not that I didn't think Jose would graduate :D, of course he would! It's more that I can't imagine what it's like to not be a student's wife. The whole time Jose and I have known each other, one of us was a student. It will be nice to have relatively free weekends now; no more having to set a big portion of our time aside for studying. Yessss!!! I think that's one of the things I'm most excited about. :)

But (and I think Jose will laugh at me for saying this) I'm a tad bit sad. Just a tad. Every time I move, I feel like I leave a piece of myself behind. Yes, I'm looking forward to living in a larger place with Central AC. Yes, it'll definitely be nice not having to deal with snowstorms and random power outages in the dead of winter. And yes, I will love not having to drive down primarily one-way streets that go this way and that to accomodate the layout of ancient buildings (I adore historic buildings, but driving on these crazy streets is another story...). But I will miss the beautiful Spring and Fall days. I'll be a little sad to leave behind the memories we've made here. This is where we grew the most as a couple; where I found out I was pregnant; where our first kiddo took their first steps; where we met some great friends. Then I remember that progress requires moving forward, and that inevitably means leaving some things behind.

Now we can begin establishing a foundation for our family, or firmly planting our roots. That will be strange for me, considering I've moved a billion times throughout my life (exaggeration ;). I'm very, very excited about that. I'm also a little intimidated at the thought. Then I realize we can still travel, so there really is no need to get antsy. When we feel the need to get up and go, we can pack a few things up and take a road trip with the kiddo(s). (Yeah, I like that. I actually love that idea. Wow! No more having to dread the exhausting packing/unpacking and moving process that takes place every few years.) There are also airplanes and trains. Love those too.

Sunday we'll leave Cambridge on an airplane; Jose leaves Tuesday in our carito. He'll then drive down to Austin with his dad. I'll be flying back to TX with my mom. This has been a hectic week, with the graduation and hosting our families. It will be nice to finally be settled down together next Saturday. I think that's when it will all sink in.


Sarah said...

Congratulations! That freedom must feel so good.

Amanda said...

Congrats Jose!

I never gave much thought to law school so I was totally shocked when law student friends of mine told me about their living on credit cards and studying 8 hours a day for 6 months only to take the bar (and hopefully pass). Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Putting down roots will be fun, I promise!

The Librarian said...

Wow! Congratulations to Jose! And congratulations for you all! You guys made it!

And, I don't address book says it may have been billions...;)

Sophie said...

Thanks, everyone :)!

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