Monday, March 29, 2010

Mirabel's homemade wardrobe (a very small part of it ;)

I was joking with Jose yesterday, telling him that I wanted to make Mirabel a homemade outfit to wear when she's born, or coming home from the hospital, that way I can say that everything is 100% homemade :D (I plan on taking a picture and adding that caption to it ;).

I made the shorts (at the very bottom) yesterday. They are a bit loud :P! I couldn't help but laugh when I showed them to Jose and he asked if she was going to wear them outside of the house! I like to call them her Peewee Herman Shorts :D. Gotta get 'em while they're young, I tell ya. I made quite a few mistakes on these shorts, mostly because I could not figure out how to actually put the pattern together, and then I got tired of 'em and tried to rush through the final steps, skipping some. Putting on the "invisible elastic band" was sort of a struggle, too, which is why I only put the elastic on the tummy part. I was initially hoping to follow this tutorial for bloomers to the T, but, like I said...didn't have fun with the elastic :P.

Thankfully, Made By Rae's Itty Bitty Dress Pattern was simple enough for me :)! It still took awhile to put this newborn dress together (my first dress, ever!), but I really had fun sewing on the extra details and making it extra girlie for Mirabel.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Sophie you did a wonderful job! I am so impressed. Mirabel will look so beautiful in that dress. And I must stay that I even like the little shorts. The dress says "I'm a classy, pretty girl" and the shorts say "But I like to have fun too" :)

Tracy said...

Oh, my goodness... the dress and the shorts are adorable, Sophie... just GORGEOUS! You did an outstanding job creating these. The colors and fabrics are wonderful--perfect for a springtime-born-baby girl. That dress is delicious... Oh, I could just cry... Just sooo HAPPY for you & Jose. :o) By the way, LOVE the fresh, new look here and the new banner. Happy Days & Easter Blessings ((HUGS))

Sophie said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies :). I can't decide what's more fun-shopping for baby clothes or making them :P.

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