Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taking a moment...

Earlier this morning, I read about The Simple Things blogging event on my friend Tracy's blog, Pink Purl. It's now 4 PM and the hectic day is finally beginning to wind down. I'm usually the least thankful on days like this because I forget about the simple things. Now's the perfect time to list them. Seeing these simple things typed out in black and white letters seems to make them more important, bigger, or even more powerful than all the other insignificant events of the day. After reading through the list, I feel more calm; the good things are more concrete and tangible. The events that contributed to a hectic day? They become part of the soil beneath the wildflowers, simple things we love the most.

Big, suffocating hugs.
The feeling of dough between my fingers.
Surprises, giving and receiving them.
The first snow but also stepping out of a Texas airport in the middle of summer after freezing all year in Boston =0).
Little drawings my brother gives me.
Snail mail!
Smiling at random passers by.
The smell of books, old and new (is there a candle out there that captures this scent?).
Receiving and giving mixed CDs.
Staying up late to chat in bed with the hubby.
Homemade with love anything, from food to socks :).
Christmas tree and burning fireplace smell (not christmas trees burning in the fireplace!)
The cozy feeling of the sun on my back when I step out of a cold pool.
The smell of cilantro (reminds me of my grandmother's food).
Hearing an old song on the radio I haven't heard in 5-10 years.
Trips to big libraries.
Mixed fruit in a bowl.


Christina said...

i am so glad you joined in on the simple things. your list is just lovely. wow, and your photo is stunning!
i love it over here. so beautiful.
"Snail mail!"
a favorite of mine also.
; )
i have added your blog to the list. thank you.

stephanie said...

Dough between the fingers. That is great!

Shell said...

A sweet list, Sophie. I love books and libraries too.

Liss said...

I'm glad some one put snail mail in. Only recently I posted about the joy it brings and encouraged bloggers to start sending it.
Beautiful list, I am glad you played.

Tracy said...

Oh, but I love everything on this list of yours, Sophie...pure magic, every day delight... sweet! So glad you were able to find a moment to join in on the fun today. Snail mail...nothing like a handwritten card/note in one's mail box from family or friends. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

elk said...

sophie after gazing at the flowers and your list I am calm and shaking my head yes to cilantro & fruit salad!

Tiffany said...

What a great list... I love snail mail! And the smell of basil. Thanks for the reminder to slow it down once in a while :)

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