Monday, January 5, 2009

Things I want to remember about 2008

Our first snow:  Surprisingly, Jose was more excited than I was, as it was his first time getting to actually 'play' in the snow (i.e. throw snowballs at my head).  I don't think anyone's ever thrown that many snow balls at me before :D.  Oh yes, and I finally got a white Christmas!  

Celebrating our first year anniversary:  That one year flew by.  It feels like we've known each other forever, but it also feels like we've just met.  I really understand the idea behind loving someone more as time passes.  Before I got married, I was skeptical when others made this claim. That's not the case anymore! I feel blessed that I no longer have to wonder.

Taking the plunge, moving forward:  I should say, moving East :).  The day we found out Jose was accepted at his first-choice law school was one of the best.  For years we each dreamt of moving to this side of the country, for two completely different reasons:  Jose wanted to study at one of the best law schools and I just wanted a white Christmas and snow ;).  Looks like we both got what we wanted! (But I have to admit, when October and November rolled in, Fall definitely became my favorite season!)

The plane ride into Boston:  We were leaving everything we knew behind.  Starting fresh with so much to look forward to.  I still remember how I felt and what I saw as the plane landed. Old New England homes lined up right next to the port, the perfect post card image.  Of all the times I've landed after taking a trip anywhere, I never remember seeing homes like that.  It's not just the way they looked either; I've seen the New England style everywhere.  There was something very inviting about this scene outside the plane's small window.  It almost felt like I was in a life-size snow globe, except there was only the hope of snow.  As soon as I stepped out of the airport, reality hit me in the form of a humid East Coast heat wave.

I can't believe it's already 2009.  I'm posting this about a week after the 1st; I can't keep up with time because I'm trying to take everything in piece by piece.  It isn't that it's too much.  When life was harder, every day seemed like a year because there wasn't much to savor.  Now I can enjoy the aftertaste of every passing moment.


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